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Business Litigation

You have a story to tell the jury. We tell it for you the right way.

In many areas of law, self-help or on-line sites, are sufficient to steer a person in the right direction or provide the forms necessary to complete the task at hand. Business Litigation is definitely not one of those areas.

When a business is faced with the difficult decision facing litigation, many factors come in to play. We will provide you with an evaluation of your case, including all options available, so that you may make an informed, reasonable decision on your course of action. Such options may include cost of litigation, fees, complexity of the case, number of parties involved, and location of the litigation.

Thomas Willford has been litigating complex legal issues for over 20 years. California courts have taken aggressive steps to reduce the time involved with litigation over the past decade. Many cases that used to take five years to reach trial are now completed within one year. That is great news for litigants who do not want to spend excessive attorney fees in court time or the stress of extended litigation. However, with the new rules, prompt action is necessary at every stage of litigation and there is little room for error.

A litigation plan is needed at the outset of any case and we are skilled in this area. Every stage is important and dire to the outcome of your case.

Filing a powerful, broad reaching Complaint will give you the greatest possible outcome to your case. Preparing and conducting discovery is necessary to provide the proper evidence needed at trial. Law and Motion is important at every stage and will quite often allow your case to be completed before even reaching trial. If your case does reach the phase of trial, all these factors become a part of your case and the final preparation allows a greater chance of success.

You have a story to tell. Let us tell it for you.